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Show Name Location Dates
Springfield, NJ 14-Apr-2019 - 14-Apr-2019
Temecula, CA 11-Apr-2019 - 14-Apr-2019
Painesville, Ohio 06-Apr-2019 - 07-Apr-2019
Omaha, Nebraska 03-Apr-2019 - 06-Apr-2019
Omaha, Nebraska 03-Apr-2019 - 06-Apr-2019
HPNJ 31-Mar-2019 - 31-Mar-2019
Williamston, NC 30-Mar-2019 - 31-Mar-2019
Horse Park of New Jersey, Allentown, NJ 16-Mar-2019 - 16-Mar-2019
Painesville, Ohio 09-Mar-2019 - 10-Mar-2019
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