Classes for 2016 Two Rivers Dressage Classic I

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Class Number Name Arena Show Day
1UB USDF Introductory Test B 30-Jul-2016
1UC USDF Introductory Test C 30-Jul-2016
111 First Level Test 1 30-Jul-2016
112 First Level Test 2 30-Jul-2016
113 First Level Test 3 30-Jul-2016
121 Second Level Test 1 30-Jul-2016
122 Second Level Test 2 30-Jul-2016
123 Second Level Test 3 30-Jul-2016
131 Third Level Test 1 30-Jul-2016
132 Third Level Test 2 30-Jul-2016
143 Fourth Level Test 3 30-Jul-2016
1FFS FEI Freestyle TOC - indicate test 30-Jul-2016
1YH Young Horse - TOC 30-Jul-2016
1M3C Materiale - 3 year old colts/geldings 30-Jul-2016
1MSG Materiale - 4 & 5 year old stallions/geldings 30-Jul-2016
1OT2 Opportunity - Training Test 2 30-Jul-2016
1YT FEI Young Rider Team Test 30-Jul-2016
1FPT FEI Pony Team Test 30-Jul-2016
1YF FEI Young Rider Freestyle 30-Jul-2016
1UA USDF Introductory Test A 30-Jul-2016
1T1 Training Level Test 1 30-Jul-2016
1T2 Training Level Test 2 30-Jul-2016
1T3 Training Level Test 3 30-Jul-2016
133 Third Level Test 3 30-Jul-2016
141 Fourth Level Test 1 30-Jul-2016
142 Fourth Level Test 2 30-Jul-2016
1UFS USDF Freestyle TOC - indicate test 30-Jul-2016
1EQ Dressage Seat Equitation 30-Jul-2016
1NPT National Dressage Pony TOC - Training - Grand Prix 30-Jul-2016
1PE FEI Para TOC - indicate test 30-Jul-2016
1PFT FEI Para Freestyle TOC 30-Jul-2016
1M3F Materiale - 3 year old fillies 30-Jul-2016
1MM Materiale - 4 & 5 year old mares 30-Jul-2016
1OT1 Opportunity - Training Test 1 30-Jul-2016
1JT FEI Junior Team Test 30-Jul-2016
1JF FEI Junior Freestyle 30-Jul-2016
1OUB Opportunity - Intro Test B 30-Jul-2016
1OUC Opportunity - Intro Test C 30-Jul-2016
1FPSG FEI Prix St. George 30-Jul-2016
1FI1 FEI Intermediate I 30-Jul-2016
1FIA FEI Intermediate A 30-Jul-2016
1FIB FEI Intermediate B 30-Jul-2016
1FI2 FEI Intermediate II 30-Jul-2016
1FGP FEI Grand Prix 30-Jul-2016
1FGPS FEI Grand Prix Special (Ed. 2009, rev. 2014) 30-Jul-2016
1UBC USEF Brentina Cup (practice only) 30-Jul-2016
1EVT USEA Eventing Test of Choiuce 30-Jul-2016
1RT USEF Rider Test of Choice 30-Jul-2016
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