Classes for 2018 West Coast Dressage Festival IV

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Class Number Name Arena Show Day
417 CDI-Am Prix St George for Amateur 15-Feb-2018
410 CDI 1* Prix St George 15-Feb-2018
116 Prix St George 15-Feb-2018
125 Young Horse Test of Choice 15-Feb-2018
145 FEI Test of Choice 15-Feb-2018
245 FEI Test of Choice 16-Feb-2018
412 CDIW Grand Prix for the Freestyle 16-Feb-2018
517 CDI-Am Intermediate 1 for Amateur 16-Feb-2018
201 Training 1 16-Feb-2018
216 Prix St George 16-Feb-2018
219 Grand Prix 16-Feb-2018
510 CDI 1* Intermediate 1 16-Feb-2018
612 CDIW Grand Prix Freestyle 17-Feb-2018
317 Intermediate I 17-Feb-2018
617 CDI-Am Intermediate Freestyle for Amateur 17-Feb-2018
620 CDI-YH FEI Dressage Test for 6 Yr Olds - Final 17-Feb-2018
316 Prix St George 17-Feb-2018
301 Training 1 17-Feb-2018
328 FEI Musical Freestyle Test of Choice 17-Feb-2018
345 FEI Test of Choice 17-Feb-2018
610 CDI 1* Intermediate Freestyle 17-Feb-2018
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